We have a limited supply !!!!!   SOLD OUT!!!

As some of you may know, this quality OAK is extremely difficult to get.  We consider ourselves to be very fortunate to have the continued limited access to the premium Coast live Red oak. 

Note / Disclaimer:  This Oak may be on back order when you place your order.  Back orders may be up to 3-4 months as the demand for this quality product is very high.  If that is a concern, please e-mail us prior to placing the order to check status.

All orders are received via order #, so you will fall in line according to the numerical sequence. 

*You may want to get your orders in now and at least get on the waiting list.

*Firewood is a natural product of the earth.  Consequently, your order may be delayed if our supplier advises us that the wood needs to sit a little longer to get seasoned a little bit more. 

Wildfire Firewood

"" is currently out of stock but you can back-order the product.