Here are just a few testimonials from our satisfied customers:


Thank you for the follow up phone call yesterday.  I just wanted to follow up with you and let you know what an incredible employee you have in your driver, Tony.  It was late about 9:20 when he finally arrived. He had such an impressive attitude - he was so positive, he never spoke a negative word even though he was working alone.  Just wanted to make sure you give him some kudos. Employee's like that are hard to find.  I can honesty say he is the reason we will order from you once this 1/2 cord of wood runs out.
Carey F.


Dear Chris,

Many thanks for you and your husband's efforts on our behalf. It is so rare to run into people who are honest and have integrity. I would be thrilled if you chose to use my testimony as part of your marketing, and I hereby give you an unconditional release to do that. But that is entirely up to you both and there is no expectation on my part.

You do, however, have a customer for life in this house.




Thanks so much Chris. What a joy to have it delivered and for it to not be filled with maggots! Also such a joy to have it here rather than lugging it from grocery store to home. I will contact you when I'm running low and tell any neighbors with a fireplace or an outdoor fire pit...and there are many up here. 



Chris! You guys are terrific, and I know we will enjoy the wood! :)

Thank you for the great service, and the nice smiles!!!

See you soon, and enjoy the rest of the summer,

All the best,




Your guys that delivered the wood were very thoughtful and kind. Good guys indeed.
Thanks man...

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